21 June 2024
Spare parts Letrika P/N: 11.216.486 AMK5531 24V 3,0kW / MAHLE P/N: MM 145
Pos.Letrika P/NMAHLE P/NDescription
216.906.382MMX 45Bearing
416.906.047MMX 714Armature
516.906.025MMX 976Bearing
716.915.594MMX 1144Bolt
816.280.939MMX 490Stator
1116.906.026MMX 713Set of brushes
1216.904.472MMX 346Thermal protector
1316.908.231MMX 41Rear-end bracket
1516.908.232MMX 631Protecting cover
16.906.382 MMX 45 Bearing16.906.047 MMX 714 Armature16.906.025 MMX 976 Bearing16.915.594 MMX 1144 Bolt16.280.939 MMX 490 Stator16.906.026 MMX 713 Set of brushes16.904.472 MMX 346 Thermal protector16.908.231 MMX 41 Rear-end bracket16.908.232 MMX 631 Protecting cover