29 May 2024
Spare parts / Letrika P/N: 11.132.689 AZE4322 12V 3,2kW - MAHLE P/N: MS 1174
Pos.Letrika P/NMAHLE P/NDescription
116.284.176Drive end bracket
216.907.215MSX 814Bearing
616.914.617Pinion with clutch
816.911.623MSX 1282Reduction gear
916.907.753MSX 1366Armature
1116.908.985MSX 288Fixing set
1216.282.589MSX 905Stator
1316.908.752MX 5Brush holder
1416.908.753MSX 322Set of brushes
1516.285.533MSX 1042Rear-end bracket
16.284.176  Drive end bracket16.907.215 MSX 814 Bearing16.916.928  Switch16.914.617  Pinion with clutch16.916.783  Lever16.911.623 MSX 1282 Reduction gear16.907.753 MSX 1366 Armature16.908.985 MSX 288 Fixing set16.282.589 MSX 905 Stator16.908.752 MX 5 Brush holder16.908.753 MSX 322 Set of brushes16.285.533 MSX 1042 Rear-end bracket